Belbien is an architectural, decorative film, which provides an alternative solution for property owners to resurface existing smooth, solid and non-porous surfaces such as outdated high-pressure laminates instead of replacing them. Many of these surfaces are simply outdated or need a new face-lift. The cost for demolition and replacing can be very expensive not to mention the lost revenue associated with DOWNTIME. Eliminate these problems, USE BELBIEN!

Excellent Renovating….

Hotel doors, Elevator doors, Elevator cabs, Wall panel systems, Feature walls, Event Halls, restaurants, and retail stores, etc.

Popular Applications

Lobbies, Nurse Stations, Patient Rooms, Reception Desks, Doors, Cabinets, Elevators, Wall Panel Systems, Columns, etc.

Belbien is a Very Unique Film…

It is IMPORTANT to note that the application of Belbien is very unique. Unlike conventional wallcovering or laminates, Belbien has a pressure sensitive adhesive. For this reason, AMBTRA strongly recommends that customers use only trained and certified installers to help ensure a successful installation. We offer this certification course in house. However, if your installers have had experience installing pressure sensitive adhesive films, similar to Belbien, and you feel you will be a success, please get in touch. We’d love to talk with you.

Ambtra Inc’s Experience Leads the Pack

Ambtra Inc. goes above and beyond providing the most comprehensive certification training for our dealer’s installers and sales training for our dealer’s sales forces. We also back that up with the most advanced technical support in the industry. This expertise and support is the key to ensuring that from specification of Belbien down to the installation, everything runs smoothly without any issues.